WP1 - Project management


  • To efficiently manage the project consortium;
  • To ensure quality assurance methods are adopted;
  • To technically coordinate the project activities;
  • To monitor the results and implement corrective measures, if needed.


Description and Tasks

This WP will perform a mandatory activity that will ensure the correct and timely execution of the project.
The CHAIN-REDS project appears to be challenging from the management point of view due to the large number of activities, regional partners and related parties involved. Moreover, the project has to organize and develop several high level activities and monitor their impact.
All these aspects will be addressed, at the management level, by a correctly articulated structure which will avoid overloads and unnecessary bureaucracy.
Moreover, the large geographical coverage of the project poses several challenges, while the work-plan has activity lines, derived from the project objectives, which span all the regions involved.
The managerial structure has thus been designed with a traditional technical management that develops horizontally across the regions and an executive management that vertically addresses the different regions taking into consideration their specificities.
INFN will lead the project and all the activities which are strictly related to the overall technical and administrative management of the project have been distributed in two tasks. Managerial activities which are related to the other work-packages have been included in the respective work plans.
The amount of resources needed has been evaluated on the basis of the previous experience.


T1.1 – Administrative management - Leader: INFN

T1.1 will take care of the administrative, financial and overall management of the consortium. This activity will be managed by INFN that will be responsible for the delivery of financial/administrative documents and periodical reports. It will include the daily management of the project, the communication amongst the consortium, the Project Office (PO) activities and the resolution of possible issues. The executive decisions will be facilitated by a Regional Executive Board (REB) composed by deputy Project Directors that will be delegated to address the regional specific issues. Periodical Project Management Boards (PMB) and PO meetings will be held to ensure the above. All partners will be represented in the PMB, while the PO will be maintained by INFN. The project will provide regular quarterly reports on the progress made to the Commission Project Officer, with the exception of the quarters where a Project Periodic Report is already foreseen by the Grant Agreement.


T1.2 – Technical management - Leader: INFN

T1.2 will aim at the coordination of the overall technical activities, for the achievement of milestones and the delivery of the deliverables according to the foreseen work plan. It will mainly be performed by the Technical Manager (TM) who will monitor the results, check their quality and implement corrective measures, if needed. Periodical Technical Board (TB) meetings will be part of the coordination activity.