The project will assess the current state of the art, and produce a set of guidelines that will support the start-up or continuity of e-Infrastructures depending on the particular region. The activity will promote the emergence of agreed solutions for interoperation and, possibly, interoperability with countries and regions that are presently using different middleware solutions. At the same time it will study and propose a coherent scheme of cooperation and interoperation of with external e-Infrastructures taking into consideration the specificities of the different regions. The study will provide the assessment of the existing services, and will suggest the necessary services to support interoperation. CHAIN will as well deploy a large activity of dissemination focused on different targets by means of the organisation of thematic workshop, with real intercontinental participation, on topics of large scientific and/or social impact that are, or could be, better addressed by the adoption of e-Infrastructures and, at the same time, promote the stability of existing and emerging e-Infrastructures and gathering of feedbacks by means of a limited number of high-level conferences.