No. Title WP no. Nature Dissemination level Delivery date Status
D5.1 Collaborative tools and CHAIN Web platform 5 R PU 2
D2.1 "State of the art" questionnaire 2 R PU 4
D3.1 Transcontinental scientific and technical communities 3 R PU 6
D4.1 Specificities of the various regional e-Infrastructures 4 R PU 8
D2.2 Interoperability and interoperation guidelines 2 R PU 10
D3.2 Road-map of trans-continental e-infrastructures for virtual communities 3 R PU 12
D5.2 Analysis of the outcomes of the first year
5 R PU 12
D4.2 Report on the the applicability of the preliminary
results of the Organisational Study
4 R PU 16
D3.3 Transcontinental scientific and technical
communities Updated
3 R PU 18
D2.3 Regional sustainability report 2 R PU 22
D4.3 Organisational study for interoperations of EGI
with external grid infrastructures
4 R PU 22
D3.4 Road-map of trans-continental e-infrastructures
for virtual communities Updated
3 R PU 23
D5.3 Analysis of the outcomes of the second year workshops 5 R PU 23
D3.5 Results of the validation of the reference
3 R PU 24
D4.4 Road-map of follow-up activities 4 R PU 24



  • Deliverable nature codes: R = Report, P = Prototype, D = Demonstrator, O = Other
  • Dissemination level codes: PU = Public, PP = Restricted to other programme participants, RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium, CO = Confidential, only members of the consortium 
  • Deliverable Date: Month in which the deliverables will be available. Month 1 marking the start date of the project, and all delivery dates being relative to this start date