No. Title WP no. Delivery date Comments
MS1 Project Kick-off Meeting WP1 1 Press Release
MS5 Call for interest for reference communities WP3 2 Web page
MS10 Web portal – first static version WP5 2 Web site accessible
MS8 Brainstorming Meeting Jointly
organised with EGI
WP4 3 Agenda & Minutes
MS6 Shortlist of reference communities ready WP3 4 Web page
MS11 First thematic workshop WP5 4 Web page & Press release
MS3 Questionnaire results collected WP2 7 Web page (D4.1)
MS7 Agreements with reference
communities signed
WP3 9 MoUs
MS4 Guidelines available WP2 10 Web page (D2.2)
MS12 First high level conference WP5 12 Press release
MS2 First Project Review WP1 15 Report from reviewers
MS9 Preliminary organisational model
presented at the fourth thematic
WP4 20 Agenda and Slides
on the Web-site
MS13 FourthThematic Workshop WP5 20 Publication
MS14 Final high-level conference WP5 23 Press release


  • Delivery date: Month in which the milestone will be achieved. Month 1 marking the start date of the project, and all delivery dates being relative to this start date