The Project

The CHAIN project aims to coordinate and leverage recent efforts and results with a vision of a harmonised and optimised interaction model for e-Infrastructure and specifically Grid interfaces between Europe and the rest of the world. The project will elaborate a strategy and define the instruments in order to ensure coordination and interoperation of the European Grid Infrastructures with other external e-Infrastructures.

The CHAIN consortium, consisting of leading organisations in all the regions addressed by the project, will ensure global coverage, European leadership, and most efficient leveraging of results with respect to preceding regional initiatives. First, the project will define a coherent operational and organisational model, where a number of EU countries/regions will possibly act, in collaboration with, as bridges/gateways to other Regions/Continents. Further, the project will validate this model by supporting the extension and consolidation of worldwide virtual communities, which increasingly require distributed facilities (large instruments, distributed data and databases, digital repositories, etc.) across the regions for trans-continental research. Finally, the project will act as a worldwide policy-watch and coordination instrument, by exploring and proposing concrete steps for the coordination with other initiatives and studying the evolution of e-Infrastructures.