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The CHAIN-REDS Semantic Search Engine December 2013 view article
Perun - Modern Aproach for User Identity and Service Management July 2014 view article
A CHAIN-REDS solution for accessing computational services October 2014 view article
CHAIN-REDS Application Use Cases on Data Management   View article
The CHAIN-REDS DART challenge July 2014 view article
Jointly exploiting data and distributed computing eInfrastructure Spring 2015 view article
eduroam and CHAIN-REDS supported federated approaches Spring 2015  
Enabling Intercontinental e-Infrastructures – a case for Africa Summer 2015 view article
Surveying clouds in a global environment Summer 2015 view article
Sharing Data, Systems and Networks May, 2nd 2014 view article
CHAIN-REDS Project Enhances Semantic Search And Extends Reproducibility Of Scientific Data March,24 2014 view article
Building an e-Infrastructure for Africa and Arabia September 2014 view article
European Grid Infrastructure launches an academic cloud for the European Research Area May 2014 view article
A Global Research Area made of interoperable e-Infrastructures    
Joint eI4Africa / CHAIN-REDS Workshop   view article
CHAIN-REDS Conference: "Open Science at the Global Scale" - Brussels - March 31, 2015   view article
Joint CHAIN-REDS/ELCIRA Workshop on Identity Management   view article
EU-Mexico Workshop: Exploring common research interests in the Future Internet and Cloud Computing    
Various CHAIN-REDS articles   view article
Various CHAIN-REDS articles   view article