Action plan

CHAIN-REDS has oulined a well defined list of actions that are organised in a coordinated action plan.

Specifically the project will:

Provide ongoing support to the DCI road-map for intercontinental DCI collaboration, specified within the CHAIN project;

Support the stability of existing and emerging Regional Operation Centres (ROCs) to ensure interoperability of DCIs, with a specific focus on Grids and with a specific support to emerging cloud solutions;

Cooperate with other projects & initiatives (e.g. AfricaConnect, TEIN3) to support the development of e-Infrastruc- tures and key VRCs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle-east;

Support for coordination of Cloud developments for R&E with other regions (e.g. China, India, Latin America);

Propose the modalities of future policy cooperation between Europe and other regions that could fit into the Euro- pean Digital Agenda and the next Horizon2020 work programme;

Promote the usage of Science Gateways as a mean for attracting new communities and promote the use of e-In- frastructures for every researchers;

Foster the creation of Identity Federations in cooperation with Certification Authorities (promote and coordinate their usage in e-Infrastructures). Support integration of different AA approaches;

Extend the CHAIN Knowledge Base with information on Data Infrastructures: collecting issues, best practices and identifying data repositories of direct interest for VRCs;

Support the study of data infrastructures for a target subset of VRCs (e.g. Climate Change, Genomics, etc.)