Extend and consolidate the international cooperation of Europe with other regions of the world in the domain of e-Infrastructures for R&E, thus reinforcing the scientific collaboration and broadening the impact of the European Research Area

Promote, coordinate and support the effort of a critical mass of non-European e-Infrastructures for R&E to collaborate with Europe by addressing interoperability and interoperation of Grids and other DCIs such as potential upcoming Cloud federations                and HPC centres

Study the opportunities of data sharing across different e-Infrastructures and continents thus widening the scope of the existing CHAIN Knowledge Base to Data Infrastructures and Cloud implementations

Promote trust-building towards open Scientific Data infrastructures across the world regions, including organisational, operational and technical aspects

Demonstrate the relevance of intercontinental cooperation in several scientific data fields addressing existing and emerging Virtual Research Communities (e.g. Earth Science, Climate Change, Genomics, etc.) and propose pragmatic approaches tha could impact the everyday work of the single researcher, even if not structured in the framework of a Virtual Research Community

Provide guidance and recommendations for roadmaps for long-term global collaboration in e-Infrastructures and harmonisation of existing policies. These are envisaged to act as input to policy and decision-making mechanism, harmonised with the European Digital Agenda and Horizon 2020