Introduction (for infrastructure administrators)

This section of the CHAIN-REDS website is devoted to infratructure administrators and resource operators and provides useful information on a variety of services that are fostered/supported by CHAIN-REDS.

The various pages and sub-pages are summarized below.

  1. Certification Authorities: This page provides information about the Certification Authorities available in the world and links to instructions to install a new one.
  2. Cloud Orchestrators:This page provides information about the CHAIN-REDS vision for cloud interoperabiilty and about MyCloud, the cloud orchestratort developed by INFN in the cointext of the project.
  3. Cloud Testbed: This page shows the CHAIN-REDS Cloud Testbed and provides information for site administrators about how to join it.
  4. Identity Federations: This page provides information about Identity Federations available in the world together with an interactive map through which the visitor can reach all of them. Contact information to start installing federated services are also provided.
  5. Persistent Identifiers: This link redirects to a service deployed by GRNET to release Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) for documents and data to be stored on Open Access digital repositories.
  6. Science Gateways: This page provides information about Science Gateways supported by CHAIN-REDS that are available in the world together with instructions about how to deploy them.
  7. Training materials: This page contains links to training materials for administrators of Science Gateways.