This is a collection of recipes to install and operate, or to simply use, the services promoted by the CHAIN-REDS project. Wherever available, links to training materials for developers are also provided.

1) eduroam

For end-users: visit the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) and download the eduroam installer for your appliance.

For network administrators:visit the eduroam contact page.

2) Identity Federations

For end-users: visit the page containing the list of existing Identity Federations maintained by REFEDS, locate your country, visit the home page of the federation established there and check the current Identity Providers and the Service Providers. If your Organisation doesn't already have an Identity Provider, feel free to get enrolled in the following guest service.

For network administrators:the most used implementation of the SAML standard in the Research & Education domain is Shibboleth. Visit the Shibboleth products page and follow the instruction to download and install the various services. Another existing implementation of the SAML standard is SimpleSAMLphp. Visit the official documentation page to install federated services using SimpleSAMLphp.

3) Certificate Authorities

For end-users: visit the page containing the map of existing Certificate Authorities maintained by IGTF, locate your country, visit the home page of the Certificate Authority and ask for a personal certificate.

For network administrators: a recommended software to create a Certificate Authority server is EJBCA. For training and education purposes, you may also want to have a look at the GILDA VM CA. Examples of Certificate Policy & Certification Practices Statement documents, mandatory to get a Certificate Authority accredited by IGTF, can be found here.

4) Science Gateways

For end-users: if you are interested in accessing and using one of the Science Gateways promoted by the CHAIN-REDS project, click on one ofthe countries highlighted either in red (already existing Science Gateways) or in yellow (Science Gateways deployed thanks to CHAIN-REDS activities) in this interactive map.

For Science Gateway administrators: step by step instructions to install a Science Gateway implemented with the Catania Science Gateway Framework (CSGF) can be found in this page.

For Science Gateway programmers and software developers: the whole software of the CSGF is available on GitHib at this link. Training and education materials about how to program a Science Gateway and integrate an application on it can be found at the following links:

- The Catania Science Gateway Framework - Webinar co-organised by CHAIN-REDS, EGI and ei4Africa

- CHAIN-REDS School for Applications Porting to Science Gateways

- CSGF developer pages