The Cloud Testbed

The CHAIN-REDS Cloud Testbed has been created in the framework of the project to demonstrate standard-based cloud interoperability and interoperation. It has been organised as a “personal virtual-cloud” made so far of resources belonging to 10 sites, from 6 countries, of which one owned by an SME located in Egypt. Four (4) of the 10 sites are also belonging to the EGI Federated Cloud and 3 different and well known cloud stacks are supported, namely Okeanos, OpenNebula and OpenStack.

The CHAIN-REDS Cloud Testbed, whose sketchy configuration is drawn in the figure below, is managed by a specific service, a Cloud Orchestrator, integrated in the CHAIN-REDS Science Gateway that is called MyCloud and uses the CLoud-Enabled Virtual EnviRonment (CLEVER) to orchestrate the cloud services through their OCCI-compliant and rOCCI-enabled interfaces.

If you are interested in deploying a cloud site and eventually join the CHAIN-REDS Cloud Testbed, please send an email to